7 Positive Strategies for How Can I Earn Money as a Student, Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Do students ever ask themselves, “how can i earn money as a student ?” If you’re a 17-year-old seeking ways to earn money from the comfort of your home, there are numerous opportunities available. From freelance gigs to online surveys, the options are vast. Wondering, “How do I earn money online?”
Indeed, there are a number of websites and platforms designed especially for students who want to supplement their income. Additionally, if you’re looking for a specific tool, you might want to explore apps designed to help students earn money effortlessly. Dive into the online realm and discover the myriad ways you can turn your skills and time into a source of income.

Warren Buffett’s very famous saying is that IF YOU DON’T FIND A WAY TO MAKE MONEY WHY YOU SLEEP will work TILL YOU DIE, SO IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO WORK ALL YOUR LIFE AND ALSO WANT TO BE RICH, THEN YOU SHOULD WORK UNTIL YOU DIE. You will have to create different income sources, that is, you will have to generate money and income for yourself. 

For many people, this is like a dream because they hear from many people that by creating passive income sources, you can earn money while sleeping. One does not have to work so hard but they are not able to earn money even if they want to because they do not know how it all starts because all this is not taught to us in school or college nor is it taught to us in our society. 

Parents tell us, that’s why we remain unaware of all these things even after growing up, but you started learning all these things only when you clicked on this video. Today I will share with you such a passive income source in which you can earn money without any money. You know how important this video is for you and your future, so understand every point of this video very well and if possible, write down all these sources and videos. After finishing, look at all those points and think which passive income source you can create from these and after that, you start working on it, so let’s begin. 

First of all, let me tell you that What passive income is? So you must be aware that there are two types of income, active income and passive income. Active income means that you get money only as long as you work, like when you work as a laborer, shop, etc., i.e., as long as you do the job, you will keep getting the salary. The day you leave the job, the salary will also stop coming.

As long as you work, you will get money. Stop working and the money will stop coming as long as you are in the shop. As long as you remain sitting, you will be able to sell goods and earn money, but if you stop going to the shop, then money will stop coming. This means that any work in which money is earned only by working, then it is called active income and money is also income. 

In which you do not need to be much involved, even when you do not work, you keep getting money. Take this respect. There is a singer who made a song, now as long as people listen to him, he will keep getting money, just like he has become an actor. He has become a producer who has made a film once, now as long as people watch the film, he will keep getting money, that is to say, any such work which you do only once and at least you get money for your whole life. That is what is called passive income. I hope you have finally understood the basic concept of passive income. 

Now let me tell you what are the ways by which you can create a source of income. So that you can earn money as a student.

  1. You can earn money as a student by content creation

Over the years, ever since Jio came into existence, the crush of content has increased a lot. 

Today everyone likes to watch videos, whether it is in the form of knowledge, information, entertainment, or education. Therefore, if you have such a skill within you that you can teach people, then you can create content and upload it on YouTube. Today I am making this video, so people will watch this video even today, even after 5 months and even after 5 years. If you see, with just one hard work, I will always get income from this video. Similarly, if you also select your news and start uploading videos on it, then after some time, when one or two of your videos get played, your channel will be monetized. 

After that, whatever video you upload will generate revenue for you and as long as people watch the video, you will keep getting money from the video, even if it is watched today or after 10 years and it is not necessary after making a video. You upload it only on YouTube, but you can also upload it on Facebook and if Facebook also gets monetized, you will keep making money there too. So content creation can be a very good passive income source if you learn to make videos. 

  1. You can earn money as a student by Affiliate Marketing.

Once your channel goes live and you have a good audience base, then your opportunities to earn money increase a lot. You can earn money in 13 different ways including only YouTube, one of them is Affiliate Marketing where you tell your audience about a product and share the link of the product in the description in the comments of the video. 

And when an audience buys that product through your link, you get some commission on every buy, so till now you have been earning money from YouTube’s Adsense, after doing affiliate marketing, your income will increase further, but you will not get any profit from this. It has to be kept in mind that whatever product or service you are talking about, it should be equally beneficial for the people.

If you tell people about any product to earn money from you, then there is no risk of misleading people. If you try, it will have a bad effect not only on your channel but also on your image overall. Then you will not be able to make it on YouTube and not through affiliate marketing, but only if you are telling people about a genuine product and people like it. If it is also coming then this will increase people’s trust in you and your earnings will also increase. 

  1. You can earn money as a student by Rental Income.

Rental Income is a very famous income source in India where a person builds a property and gives it on rent and earns every month from them. Profit keeps coming and people’s income is not less but it is very high. I have made more than 50 rooms and every room is on rent. You can calculate how much you will be able to earn every month if you just invest in it once.

But it will continue to earn money from this property for a lifetime and rental income is not necessary to come only from real estate properties. You can earn money in many other ways too, you just need to have something that you have. And even if people need it, then you can create passive income from there by giving it on rent, today people rent their cars to companies like Ola and Bed Eco, and someone is making money by selling his gym equipment.

And I remember that when I was a child, I used to go to some shop to play video games, there I had to pay some amount to play video games for half an hour, so that was also a kind of rental income, so if If you have money then you can make properties and give them on rent otherwise whatever thing you have. If you feel that this thing can save you money then you can give it on rent. 

  1. You can earn money as a student by using the Stock Market.

You must have heard that the share market has become such that it can quench everyone’s thirst and this is also true. Share Market is such a thing that can become your millennium and you do not need to spend much time in it. First of all, you should know about it. You will have to learn and analyze every share and after that, you will invest in shares. When you invest your money in the share market, then gradually it can give you much higher returns in the long term with the help of compounding, and when you invest in a company, you also get dividends. 

Now what is a dividend? The dividend is the net profit of a company, which is given as a bonus to the shareholders of the company and whoever has the same number of shares, also gets the dividend. For example, suppose you have 1000 shares of Tata Motors. Now when the company gives you a dividend of ₹ 20 per share, then you will get a total of ₹ 20000 as a dividend. You will not have to do any work in this, you just invest in it. You have to do it and as the company goes well, the price of your shares will increase and you will also keep getting dividends.

  1. You can earn money as a student by E-books .

Write an E-Book Whenever someone hears the name of a book, the first thing that comes to his mind is that this is not from us. It would seem that writing a book is a very difficult task. He thinks that for this he will have to write 500 to 1000 pages but it is not so. Yes, if you are very good in a field and you have complete knowledge of it, then it may take more pages for you to explain.

You may find it, but apart from this, there are many other topics on which you can easily write a book in 50 to 100 pages. Whatever you know about, you can write a book on it and you can seal it on different platforms on the internet. This is the best option for selling books. Amazon Kindle is a platform of Amazon. If you list your book here and people like it, then you will like it from other people, and by doing this you will earn money for yourself. You can also create income here, you will have to work hard only one time but the revenue will always come to you. 

  1. You can earn money as a student by Selling Stock Photos.

If you are a student and you want earn money then this is also a way of creating a passive income source in which you will have to put in only one-time effort and you will be able to earn money forever. You can make this your money and income source, you just have to put a little creativity and a little brain into it. All those of you who are into photography and videography can sell your photos and videos through online websites. Not only those with DSLR but also those with phones. You can also sell different types of photography on different platforms. 

Adobe Stock Shooter Stop e Stop Free Pic is a website where you can list your photos and videos and when someone the day after tomorrow gets your When someone downloads photos or videos from the website, he has to buy the photos, and the money comes directly into your pocket, so if you can shoot a good photo or video, then it is a very good option for you because You will have to put only one-time effort and you will keep getting income throughout your life. 

this is also a great way where you can give very less effort and time, you can earn money as a student.

  1. You can earn money as a student by using Vending Machine.

Vending machine is an automatic machine that does not require you to be available all the time to operate it, you just have to add your product to it once. These are snacks, cold drinks, biscuits, and whatever product you want to sell. Once you add your product to it, this machine will do the rest of the work. Earlier, it was used very little in foreign countries but now it is very much. 

It happens to him but in India, you will see a lot of this work of people being uneducated and undisciplined and in India, it always happens that people damage and destroy public properties, so till now in the last few years this has happened many times with vending machines. And this is the reason why you hardly get vending machines in India. We cannot blame everyone for doing this because the whole country does not get spoiled because of the malfunction of one or two percent of people. Even today in India. 

There are many places where people never cause any damage to public properties like restaurants, gyms, shopping malls, or stores. So if you buy a vending machine, get in touch with such people and get your vending machine installed on their property. So your building machine will also be safe and you will keep getting income from there for the long term. 


So friends, if you are thinking of creating money and an income source then this method can prove to be the best money and income source for all of you. Choose the method that suits your lifestyle, your skills, and your passion. 

This will keep you interested in your work and your earning will also continue. So friends, if you liked the video. Direction is not working so make sure you have subscribed see you in the next video till then keep learning and keep smiling.

Q.) How can I make money online as a student?

A.) We had explained all the best ways which you apply and earn money online as a student

Q.) How can a 17 year old earn money online?

A.) You can earn money as a student Via YouTube, Affiliate marketing, Freelancer etc.

Q.) How do I earn money online?

A.) As we earlier said that all the best ways we have discussed above it.

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